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Introducing the new KOKU: The kind of tech-enabler we want to be

The new KOKU

When we started KOKU in 2016, our goal was pretty simple: to work with non-bank financial institutions to leverage technology to provide faster and digital-first remittance. We’ve never been one to shy away from taking on (and overcoming!) any challenge.

But now it’s time to focus.

In our minds, we knew what kind of value we could provide. We just didn’t know how to clearly communicate that value in our conversations with you.

That is why we’ve launched the new KOKU, a FX tech-enabler to non-bank remittance service and liquidity providers in Asia.

A product family

KOKU has evolved from its early days. We now offer not just one product but one unified family of products that are collectively known as the FX TechUP Suite.

Housing our Money Transfer Stack, Liquidity Providers Connect and Integrations Marketplace products, the suite is KOKU’s flagship. As its name suggests, FX TechUP Suite is designed to help non-bank financial service providers to tech-up their remittance and FX business.

Koku FX TechUP Suite

Each addition to the family is deliberate so as to allow flexibility in use – you get to pick and choose only what you need to create your own competitive technology stack. We want to make it simple for you to scale with us so that you can focus on your core business.

Head over to our FX TechUP Suite page, where we deep dive into what makes our products unique.

The relationship triangle

With KOKU no longer being driven by a single product, we needed to rethink our brand as well.

Our new brand imagery draws inspiration from the triangle. As a trio of which can be positioned to fit into a greater picture to reveal our brand initial ‘K’.

The interaction between triangles allows for new shapes and forms to be created, symbolizing the modular nature of our product where every customer is able to create their own custom technology stack. We’ve also created unique identities for each of our products. For example, our Integrations Marketplace is represented by two triangles forming an hourglass shape to communicate a two-way data flow.

Koku product family triangles

Each of the shape’s three edges represents the relationship facilitated by our flagship FX TechUP Suite. This illustrates our belief in a model where everyone wins – KOKU tech-enables its non-bank customers to allow them to better serve their customers.

Koku relationship triangle

A deeper understanding of who we want to be

KOKU’s rebranded identity is more than just putting on a set of new clothes – it’s about better communicating who we are and what we do as a business. Closely associated with change, speed and scale, the triangle characterizes the kind of impact customers can expect when they tech-up with us.

Koku triangle symbolism

We know that the road ahead is long and requires hard work.

But we’ve never been more excited and sure of our place in the world. Our renewed focus as a FX tech-enabler is exactly who we want to be as we continue to refine our products and further our expansion plans into new Southeast Asian markets.

We hope you’ll explore and come to love the new KOKU as much as we do. Keep up with us in our Stories section, where we write about all-things related to our people, business and customers.

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