Engineering and Product

Senior Back-End Engineer

Singapore, Sri Lanka

The Opportunity 🤘

At Koku, we are different. Our engineers do not just hide behind screens and mindlessly push code without examining the impact of their own work. We are looking for passionate software engineers who take pride and ownership in their work to join our fast-growing team.

You will conceptualise and develop our core APIs to support our front-end engineers and external developers. The best part? You will not be writing lines of code in a silo by yourself. We work across departments to understand various facets of the business in order to prioritise user stories and suggest appropriate technology choices to deliver the sprints.

At Koku, you will not be just a cog in the wheel. We built this place to provide opportunities for talented individuals who are driven to build meaningful products. As a young startup, we are bound to encounter plenty of stormy waters ahead. But we are not afraid - we brave obstacles together and emerge stronger as one. And this is why we are different.

Things you'll do 💪

  • Collaborate with the global engineering team to achieve user-centric applications excellence

  • Build, support and maintain core APIs across the various products

Skills you'll need 🚀

  • Bachelors Degree (or above) in Computer Science or equivalent

  • Minimum 3 years of experience in C# .NET development

  • Strong understanding in Object Oriented Concepts (OOP) and proven ability in applying these concepts

  • Understanding of software design patterns such as MVC, Dependency Injection, Factories, Strategy

  • Excellent database fundamentals

  • Hands-on knowledge of CSS and HTML and JavaScript including libraries such as AngularJS, ReactJS

  • Knowledge of code versioning tools (Git), continues integration build tools (Jenkins or TFS)

  • Resonate with our mission to make financial services fairer, faster and more accessible to the world

  • Inquisitive with an analytical mind to understand the various facets of developing a product, from technical requirements to business decisions.

  • Driven and proactive in exploring creative solutions to solve challenging problems

  • Empathetic with our customers' pain points and base your decisions on solving their problems

  • Unafraid to challenge the team if you feel something can be done in a better way

  • Communicative, fun and open-minded to work together with

Bonus skills and attributes🔮

  • Practical understanding of Scrum and Agile methodologies

  • Experience in Azure or AWS

  • Have an understanding of Micro-service architecture

  • Have previous experience in startups, especially in the FinTech domain

  • Actively contribute back to the community through open source repositories, blogging, public speaking

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