We make it easy for non-bank money transfer operators and liquidity providers to tech-up, scale and streamline any money transfer and FX business needs.

Money Transfer

Make our white label remittance solutions under your brand, your process, your rates.

Create your own competitive
money transfer tech stack

Mix and match features and services to build your digital remittance offerings and streamline business operations.

White label remittance solutions are a smart way to upgrade your technology in a dramatically time and cost-efficient manner.

Digital transactions and
operational features

Build out your remittance and FX offerings on top of our technology.
 Our Stack comes with KYC features that lets you achieve greater compliance and is also available as an API under our Integrations Marketplace.



Front office


Back office
  • Setup and deployment support
  • Security and risk management
    • Risk management
      (compliance / liquidity)
    • Security scan
  • Custom and third party integrations
    • KYC
    • Payment methods
      (external wallet, banking API,
      payment gateway)
    • Liquidity channels
    • More integrations available
  • User interface
    • Web, mobile app
  • KYC verification
    • Customer onboarding
      (individuals / corporate)
  • Multi-currency wallet
    • Top up
    • Exchange and hold currencies
  • Money transfer
    • Send money via and to digital wallet or bank transfer
    • Receive money via digital wallet / bank transfer / cash delivery / cash collection
  • Transaction management
    • Digital receipts
  • User interface
    • Web
  • KYC authentication
    • Customer onboarding
      (individuals / corporate)
  • User account management
    • Customise currency pairs and rates by user groups
    • Administer money transfer options
    • Set up roles and permissions
  • Settlement and reconciliation workflow
    • Accounting
    • Settlement
    • Proof of payment verification
    • Transaction summary and email notifications
  • Reporting
    • Generate operational and compliance reporting

Your white label
TechUP benefits

Focus on scaling your money transfer business.

Pair up to TechUP

We provide and keep the technology running so that you don’t have to. Paired with your industry expertise, our solutions help you to save on cost, time and risk management.

To advance

White label remittance solutions are a smart way to upgrade your technology to drive new and better business outcomes at scale, all in a dramatically time and cost-efficient manner.

The faster way

Our off-the-shelf solutions let you fast-track your go-to-market plans so that you can expand your business whenever you need and wherever you operate in.

The Stack is perfect for

Financial institutions looking to accelerate their customer acquisition and improve overall business operations.

Type of business

Large to small remittance and FX service providers

Tech capabilities

Providers with legacy or little to no technology

Business lifecycle

Established players or new entrants to the industry

Customer success highlights from businesses like yours

  • Philippines

    The largest Filipino-owned non-bank remittance company in Philippines teched-up their legacy infrastructure to expand their current digital offerings, introducing a digital wallet for their customers to perform transactions anytime, anywhere.

    Coming soon

makes our

Coming Soon

Ready to create your own solution with our FX TechUP Suite?

Our Suite lets you mix and match digital offerings based on your unique money transfer and FX business needs.

White label our money transfer solutions with your brand

Need to offer digital money transfer services to your customers and streamline that with your front and back office operations?


Invite your liquidity providers and agents to form a private network

Need to perform wholesale trading and on-demand settlement across more currency corridors?


Customise integrations for payments

Need to add missing money transfer and FX offerings to your workflow and increase your business opportunities.