Insight: Faster, Better, Digital-First: Leveraging Fintech for Remittance Services

By Calvin Goh, CEO & Founder of KOKU

Non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs) can gain the competitive edge by integrating technology into their operations.

If done right, fintech has the potential to trigger a much larger change – it can empower NBFIs to continually deliver significant growth to Southeast Asia’s economy, and also bring their customers closer to a frictionless remittance experience.

The question is how?

For NBFIs, this will involve numerous components, including the switch from legacy practices to interacting with technology which will require education, the building of credibility and the showcasing of results for both NBFIs and their customers.

Head over to The Business Times to get Calvin’s full insight into how NBFIs can ride out the digital wave and scale their business.


A version of this feature was originally published on The Business Times.

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