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KOKU is a fintech startup that advocates for making tech easy to drive category growth for financial services providers. Our mission – to be the best FX tech-enabler to these businesses so that they can scale and better serve their customers around the world.

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What makes us different

KOKU is a FX tech-enabler who empowers small to large non-bank money transfer operators such as remittance houses and liquidity providers by enabling them to easily tech-up and advance their business operation.

Our FX TechUP Suite allows our clients to provide their agents, corporate and retail customers across the world with cheaper, quicker and digital-first remittance and FX services.

Our brand identity

Our brand imagery draws inspiration from the triangle, with each side representing a unique product and relationship facilitated by our flagship FX TechUP Suite.

The relationship triangle


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Introducing the new KOKU: The kind of tech-enabler we want to be

When we started KOKU in 2016, our goal was pretty simple: to work with non-bank financial institutions to leverage technology to provide faster and cheaper remittance. We’ve never been one to shy away from taking on (and overcoming!) any challenge.

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Nice to meet you

We are a team of FX tech-enablers. We have a big appetite for taking on any challenge and an even bigger aspiration for driving a digital-first approach in the industry.


We are the first Singapore start up that Jason Zeng, founder of Decent Capital, has invested in since co-founding Tencent.

KOKU is the first company in Singapore that our founder Jason Zeng has invested in since co-founding Tencent. We’re confident that KOKU’s technology will bring significant improvements to the business offerings for their partners.

With their expansion plans and continued advancement of their technology, we look forward to seeing the positive impact on the remittance industry throughout the region.

Chris Cao
Vice President of Angel Investment Department
Decent Capital

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